Wednesday, July 1, 2009

eCompliments giving $10,000 to YouTube video winner

Today eCompliments announced the commencement of their YouTube quarterly video contest where each winning contestant will receive $10,000 in prize money.

People are invited to create a video complimenting any person, place or thing. Videos are submitted to eCompliments at They’re screened to ensure each submission follows the three entry rules. Once approved, the video can be seen and voted on by the public at

eCompliments has created a short YouTube video detailing the video contest found at

eCompliments is a new online review and referral site serving as a central depository for compliments, testimonials and kudos for any person, place or thing.

“We’re hoping ten grand every three months gets people motivated in a fun way to start sharing the good through video eCompliments,” says Founder Darin Manis. “It’s just one of the many ways we are trying to kick start the share the good movement in America.”

Each calendar quarter a new contest begins. The first winner will be announced on October 1st. The contestant with the video receiving the most votes (not views) wins $10,000. The video will also be submitted in national press releases, to media, and for it’s reign be displayed on

eCompliments is inviting national companies to sponsor and donate additional grand and consolation prizes as well. Interested businesses can email to request more information.

The three submission rules (in addition to the video being a compliment to a person, place or thing) are: 1. Keep short. The maximum length is sixty seconds. 2. Family friendly. No adult sexual content, profanity or vulgarity. 3. Must mention or show either the website address or the contest URL at

The submission and voting process is free. There is no cost for submitting videos and people of course can get on the site and vote for free. To protect the integrity of the contest, people voting must create a free user login. People can vote on as many videos as they want but can only vote once per video.

“We’re trying to change the world we live in. We think YouTube ecompliments can help us play a part in this,” says Manis.

For more information visit

Share the good.

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